About Us

 The North Dakota Cheer Coach Association was formed to:

  • Promote excellence and safety in cheerleading.
  • Provide education and information to coaches.
  • Promote a positive relationship among coaches and administrators.
  • Establish and promote effective communications with NDHSAA, schools and administrators.
  • Study and make recommendations to proposed rules changes concerning cheerleaders.

Accomplishments of the NDCCA:

  • Safety certification program required of all coaches whose teams will be stunting above the waist.
  • Developed safety certification course using ASEP First Aid class and a hands-on stunting class for coaches.
  • Mandatory spirit rules clinic attendance for cheer coaches.
  • Affiliation with ND Coaches Association - Cheer Advisory Committee.
  • NDCCA sponsors the fall and winter cheer competitions.
  • NDCCA sponsors Coaches Day in July.
  • NDCCA works with NDHSCA for summer convention.
  • NDCCA keeps track of certified cheer coaches.

NDCCA Membership Benefits:

  • NDCCA Cheer Team Scholar Award.
  • NDCCA scholarships for senior cheerleaders.
  • NDCCA Senior Award.
  • NDCCA Coach Longevity (recognizing years coached)
  • NDCCA BAC Scholarship Award.
  • Coach of the year Award.
  • List of NDCCA members for networking.
  • Members at large to support ND Cheer Coaches.