North Dakota Cheer Coaches Association (NDCCA) grant funding is derived from income generated from NDCCA Cheer Competitions. From these funding sources, NDCCA has grant money available for all grade areas specific to cheer teams. These grants will be determined by coaches of the NDCCA Board. Grants may be written up to the amount of $500.00.

Cheer coaches, members of NDCCA, may apply for areas including but not limited to the following:

  • School issued uniforms (No funding available for personal items,(ie bodysuits,tennis shoes, etc)
  • Travel will be funded if NDHSAA and/or NDCCA sponsored event
  • Items needed for safety of cheer members (ie, mats)
  • Coach’s registration fees for professional development
  • Any other coach requests deemed needed by their squad to be successful

Grants may not be awarded yearly. Unfunded applications can be resubmitted for consideration at a future date.


  • Monies used are capable of having a lasting impact on cheer program
  • Applications must have their school district administration approval
  • Matching funds from another entity suggested, but not required

Who can apply: NDCCA members

To apply: A description of your grant request, and the need or use it seeks to address; who will be impacted; if other funds are already committed or ongoing funding needed. Application must be signed by one applicant, who will serve as the contact person and by an administrator who has reviewed the grant for prior approval.

Application deadline: March 15

(grant application determination will be presented at the spring NDCCA Board meeting. Ideas chosen for funding may be asked to submit additional information.)

Conditions for Grant Recipients:

  • Grant recipients must use NDCCA funds only for the purpose requested and must implement requested funds in a timely manner. Any funds not spent within 12 months may be revoked unless there is a written explanation to the NDCCA Board designee.
  • Within one month after the funds are spent, grantees are to provide a typewritten memo report describing purchased item(s), what it achieved for your team, and the total amount spent.
  • If applicable , items purchased with NDCCA grant funds become part of your school’s inventory.
  • If the project/idea cannot be implemented by the proposed date, the grantee must notify NDCCA as soon as possible.

Download Grant Application

Submit completed Application by mail to:

Billie Ann Caya
172 Boise Ave Apt 1
Bismarck, ND 58504