NDCCA Constitution


The role of this organization is to promote cheerleaders, educate cheerleaders and cheer coaches, clarify safety guidelines and promote a positive relationship with NDHSAA, communities, schools, coaches and cheerleaders in North Dakota.


Article I – Name

This organization shall be the North Dakota Cheer Coaches Association.

Article II – Purpose

  1. To promote excellence and safety in cheerleading.

  2. To promote a positive relationship between coaches and school administrators.

  3. To improve guidance techniques of coaches.

  4. To provide education and information to coaches.

  5. To establish and promote effective communication with NDHSSA, schools and administrators.

  6. To study and make recommendations to proposed rule changes concerning cheerleaders.

Article III – Membership and Meetings

  1. Membership is open to any cheer coaches interested in the further promotion of cheerleaders and this organization.

  2. The membership year is from July 1 through June 30.

  3. Annual dues are to be set by the Board of Directors.

  4. Members may attend all General Membership meetings, hold office and vote in all membership meetings and elections.

  5. Voting is by current dues-paid members only; one school equals one vote.

  6. A quorum shall be the majority of those present at the membership meeting.

  7. Items must be submitted for the agenda to the President prior to the membership meeting.

Article IV – Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall include Executive Director/Treasurer, Associate Executive Director, President, Vice President, Secretary, At-Large Representatives and Advisory Committee Representatives.

  2. Executive Board Members shall be elected by the membership. Executive Board Members shall be required to attend 50% of meetings and NDCCA events to remain on the Board.

  3. Executive Board positions of President, Vice President and Secretary shall be selected from within the Executive Board, by the Executive Board. Payment, if any, for a position shall be determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have authority to remove non-compliant Board members and to determine how the board shall be run.

  4. Beginning July 1, 2018 At-large members shall serve a 3-year term on the Executive Board, the Secretary shall serve a 2-year term as Secretary with an additional year transition for a total of 3 years on the board. Board members may resign at any time.

  5. Vice President shall serve a 2-year term followed by a 2-year term as President and then must take a 1-year break before running for a new board position.

  6. Nominations for the Executive Board shall be open each year, and terms begin and end at that time.

  7. Duties of the Executive Board

    1. Executive Director/Treasurer

      1. Oversees NDCCA Board members

      2. Named by the NDCCA Board

      3. Liaison between NDHSAA, NDHSCA, & NDCCA

      4. Keeps track of expenses, income

      5. Access to association checkbook,credit card, and deposits

      6. Requests a yearly audit of association account

      7. Keep track of expenses and income for each association program in a ledger

      8. Competition Co-Director

    2. Associate Executive Director

      1. Assists the Executive Director

      2. Awards Director

      3. Scholarship Director

      4. Maintains and catalogs all historical meeting minutes including general assembly and Executive Board meetings.

    3. President

      1. shall act as chief executive officer of the association

      2. shall preside at all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.

      3. appoints persons to fill vacancies in offices.

      4. prepare agendas for all meetings

      5. Competition Co-Director

      6. other duties as designated by Board
    4. Vice President/ Membership Director

      1. Assume duties of president in their absence.

      2. receives all membership applications

      3. Membership database

      4. Keeps record of coaches years of service

    5. Secretary

      1. take minutes at all meetings

      2. send minutes out to all Board members following meeting

      3. keep attendance records at all meetings

      4. assist in correspondence if necessary

      5. keep current list of amendments and decisions made at meetings that need to be acted upon

    6. At-Large Representatives

      1. keeps in contact with non-board members throughout the state

      2. assists at NDCCA events

      3. attends Executive Board meetings

    7. Non-Voting Members

      1. Certification Director

        1. certification records

    8. Paid Positions

      1. Executive Director = $500.00

      2. Associate Director = $300.00

      3. VP/Membership Director = $300.00

      4. Certification Director = $500.00