Cheer Team Scholar Award

NDCCA Cheer Team Scholar Award program is open to all NDCCA members' varsity cheer teams.

The NDCCA will award cheer team scholar awards for both the fall sport season and the winter sport season.

A cheer team will be awarded a NDCCA Cheer Team Scholar Award after achieving a 3.2 cumulative GPA as computed from the grading period during the team's season.

If your cheer team meets the criteria, please fill out a Cheer Team Scholar Award Application and mail it to the address on the bottom of the application.


What constitutes a cheer team?

Varsity cheer teams only.

How many times may one school make application?

A school may apply for each varsity cheer team that has a composite score of 3.2 or better.

What courses count toward a GPA?

Each course that a student has listed on his/her report card except for those that are on a pass/fail basis.

How is the GPA computed?

Use the grades from the grading period of that particular cheer team's season. (ex. - fall season - 1st quarter grades and winter season - 2nd quarter grades.)

To establish the GPA, use the following steps:

  1. For each course listed for a team member, multiply the point value of the grade by the number of credits received for the course. Disregard plusses and minuses, (ex. - if a grade is an A-, indicate it as an A). Also disregard courses on report cards taken on a pass/fail basis.
  2. Total all point values for courses/credits listed. Total the number of credits indicated.
  3. Divide the total number of point values by the total number of credits listed.
  4. Round off this number to the nearest 100th point (ex. - 3.758 = 3.76 or 3.784 = 3.78).

    Example: An individual member has the following courses, credits and grades listed.
    Courses Grade Point Value
    A (1x4)
    English Block B (2x3) 6
    Physics C (1x2) 2
    History A (1x4) 4
    Spanish A (1x4) 4
    Total Credits 6 Point Value 20.5

     20.5 (total points) divided by 6 (total credits) = 3.3333 (GPA), round to 3.33
  5. Computing the team GPA - Total individual GPA's using each team member's point average. Divide this total by the number of members on the team. This is the team GPA.
    Example: Girls Basketball Team
    Susan - 3.75, Jane - 2.75, Betty - 3.8, Sally - 3.45, Ruth - 3.78
    Total GPAs = 17.43 divided by the number team members (5) = 3.57 is the team GPA.
  6. If your school has a different grading system, convert to 4.0 GPA system when completing the NDCCA forms.